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Terranova Pro-Peptase IRC Complex 50 Capsules

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Terranova Pro-Peptase IRC Complex may help a healthy inflammatory response in joints and respiratory tissue. It may also help keeping a healthy cardiovascular system and brain function. As per the Terranova brand ethos, it is vegan and additive free and makes a good alternative to serrapeptase.



Magnifood Complex 225mg providing: Nettle Leaf [Urtica dioica] (fresh freeze dried) 100mg, Hops Strobile [Humulus lupulus] (fresh freeze dried) 50mg, Bacopa [Bacopa monnieri] (whole plant) 50mg, Rosemary Leaf [Rosmarinus officinalis] (fresh freeze dried) 25mg.
Vegetable Capsule Shell 95mg, Protease/Peptidase Complex 20,000 units (A. oryzae, A. melleus) 33mg, Resveratrol 10mg.

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