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50% OFF Mega Sale! Click Here To Shop Now

Terranova Organic Omega Blend 250ml

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Terranova Organic Omega Oil  contains an omega 3, 6, 7, 9 rich blend from organic flax oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic olive oil, organic borage seed oil, organic rice bran oil, organic sea buckthorn fruit oil and organic sea buckthorn kernel oil

This blend contains exceptionally high levels of omega 3 fatty acids from flax and hemp; polyphenols and omega 9 from olive, hormone supporting anti-inflammatory GLA from Borage, antioxidant-rich rice bran and omega 7 and skin beautifying oils from Sea Buckthorn.

All together this oil blend is a fantastic supplement to take for cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous and immune system health, along with brain function support, skin health and bringing down inflammation in the body.



Flax*, Hemp*, Olive*, Borage*, Rice Bran*, Sea Buckthorn Fruit*, Sea Buckthorn Kernel*, Tocopherol (antioxidant).

*Oils produced from organic agriculture.

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