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Salus Alpenkraft 250ml

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Alpenkraft is a herbal syrup containing extracts and distillates from many beneficial herbs, as well as pure honey and malt.

Alpenkraft herbal syrup may help to soothe an irritated throat or mouth due to the extracts and distillates from thyme, aniseed, fennel and the ingredient eucalyptus oil, which make it popular with singers and public speakers.



Aqueous extract and distillate (33.4%) from Thyme, Camomile Flowers, Linden Flowers, Aniseed, Caraway, Fennel, Hops (Cones), Knotgrass, Sucrose, Honey, Malt Extract, Ethanol (<1.2% v/v), Dwarf Pine Extract, Liquorice Extract, Thickening Agent: Sodium Alginate, Dwarf pine oil, Fennel oil, Lemon oil, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil.

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