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Nua Naturals Cacao Powder 200g

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  • Cacao powder (pronounced Ca-Cow) is the purest, most natural form of chocolate that has a delicious chocolate flavour without the sweetness of processed chocolate. Since our product is certified organic by both the Irish Organic Association and the European Commission, you know our Cacao Powder has been processed without any nasty pesticides, fumigation or any GMOs, sourced with respect for nature and packed to the brim with goodness!

    Our Cacao Powder comes from the cacao bean which grows on the Theobroma cacao tree’s in Peru. The bean is carefully and ethically harvested and processed to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients and benefits the cacao bean has to offer in powder form ready to use in loads of different ways. From mixing it in a hot or cold drink, to baking with it, or sprinkling it over a snack, there are countless easy ways you can make use of our Cacao Powder in your diet!


    This product may contain traces of nuts.

  • Taking cacao in powder form is a really handy and versatile way to get all the good stuff from the cacao bean into your diet. Our Cacao Powder is organically harvested in Peru and processed with care so that you can have all the benefits of the South American superfood ready to go in your cupboard. As with all natural foods, it is best to start small and work up to the recommended daily dosage. We think 1-2 teaspoon daily is plenty. Take a look at some of our favourite ways to use Nua Naturals’ Cacao Powder:

    • Some like it hot! Mix the cacao with your favourite hot milk (dairy or plant based – our favourite is oat milk), sweeten with a little vanilla essence or cinnamon to taste for a delicious and healthy hot chocolate;
    • Cool it down! Do as above but don’t heat the milk, instead pour the mixture over ice for a yummy cold cacao milk or blend it up for a tasty milkshake;
    • Blend it into your favourite healthy smoothie to beat those chocolate cravings;
    • Get baking (kind of)! The antioxidants can burn away when the powder is overly heated so in order to keep all the good stuff in we prefer no-bake recipes like these� raw cacao energy balls� that are easy to make and perfect for anyone with a vegan diet! But if energy balls aren’t your thing, our Cacao Powder can be used to make these� Vegan Brownies� that will go down a treat;
    • Try your hand at a Vegan Chocolate Mousse! Perfect to finish off a meal or as a mid-day snack. Throw a ripe avocado, some almond milk, and our Cacao Powder into a processor with some dates to sweeten and blend until its nice and thick;
    • Sprinkle Cacao Powder over fruit such as bananas or strawberries to give it a little extra guilt-free sweetness;
    • Mix it into a granola mixture to have at the ready for breakfast or lunch over some natural yogurt.
  • Our Cacao Powder is made from 100% organic Theobroma Cacao, sourced with respect for nature from Peru. It has been certified organic by both the Irish Organic Association and the European Commission (you can identify whether or not products are certified organic by finding the logos on the packaging!). This product is also suitable for our vegetarian and vegan customers to consume.