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50% OFF Mega Sale! Click Here To Shop Now

Beauty Bundle

Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price

1 X Nature's Plus Collagen Peptides 

1 X Viridian Ultimate Beauty Complex

1 X Pukka Turmeric Active Tea

1 X Pukka Night Time Tea 

1) Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key component of hair, skin, nails, joints, gut and much more.

Within these tissues collagen is the primary structural protein responsible for shape and strength.

  • Hydrolyzed peptides for full collagen benefits
  • Six types of collagen to support hair, skin, nail & joint health

2) Viridian Ultimate Beauty Complex is a combination of vitamins, minerals and plant-based phytonutrients to support the underlying structures of healthy skin, hair and nails. Take daily alongside Viridian's Ultimate Beauty Complex Oil for the ultimate in hair, skin and nails.

3)  Pukka Turmeric Active tea is good news for active living. Made with organic galangal, ginger, licorice, nettle, triphala and turmeric. It is a warm, spicy and invigorating blend. Naturally caffeine free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients.

4) Pukka Night Time tea is made with a sleepy crush of organic oat flower, soothing lavender, and silky-sweet lime flower. Peace in a teacup. Now is not the time for words. Let the hush replace the chatter as you fall into a restful calm: a sleepy crush of oat flower, soothing lavender, and silky-sweet limeflower. One cup and the path to sleep is clear - so give in... let the rest begin. Sweet dreams.

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