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Absolute Aromas Wheatgerm Oil 50ml

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Wheatgerm is packed full of essential fatty acids and minerals. This oil is beneficial for tired aching muscles, try it in a sports massage blend! Otherwise, it can be mixed with other base oils up to 10%.

You may have noticed that our Absolute Aromas new Wheatgerm Oil is darker in colour than the Wheatgerm previously stocked. This is because They now get their Wheatgerm Oil from a different supplier, where the Oil is less refined than the previous, which shows in the darker colouring. Wheatgerm is also a natural product and therefore does vary in colour naturally. This new less refined Wheatgerm has a slightly richer consistency, and a natural 'wheaty' aroma, being less refined means that is it higher in beneficial nutrients and vitamins! Wheatgerm is high in Vitamin E and has great antioxidant action. It helps to softens and nourishes dry skin and is especially popular with those who suffer from eczema!

Oil Appearance: Rusty Orange.


Contraindications: Avoid use on those with a wheat allergy.


Massage Oil

Carrier Oil


Triticum Vulgare� (Wheatgerm) Oil.

Country of Origin: Argentina.

Family: Graminae.