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Guide To A Happy, Healthy Christmas!

The run up to Christmas can be one of the busiest times of the year. Aside from all the wonderful festivities, there can be pressure and expectations when it comes to gift buying, attending parties, dealing with family members as well as increased workload.  

With this in mind, we've put together a few tips below in order to foster healthy coping tools during this silly season: 

1. Go easy on the booze.

It’s great to enjoy the odd cocktail or mulled wine at Christmas but the terrible hangovers that ensue if we go overboard are not worth it! Make sure to alternate your drinks with water or replace that glass of wine for a spritzer or shandy. To avoid getting ill and rundown, avoid heavy sessions on the booze and moderate your alcohol intake. There are lots of tasty seltzers that are on the market now as well as alcohol-free options which can be a great alternative when you want to give the liver a break.

Also we highly recommend taking milk thistle which is known to help detox the liver. Milk thistle may help to ameliorate this liver damage. The benefits of milk thistle are nothing short of amazing. Researchers call it a smart herb because it seems to know when to produce new cells as well as when to halt the production of bad cells. How this herb knows when to help regenerate cells and when to keep them from regenerating is still a matter for research, but the benefits to the liver are undeniable. Your liver will thank you this Christmas! 

    2. Learn to say no at Christmas to avoid feeling anxious

    There can be pressure to catch up with every friend and family member at Christmas, and the Christmas party invites can clutter up our inbox. To ensure your general mental health and wellbeing is thriving, remember it’s OK to say no to any upcoming events. We also recommend spending a few evenings by yourself to slow down that frantic Christmas pace. 

    We thoroughly enjoy sitting in with a hot cuppa herbal tea as well as light some aromatic essential oils, like one of our favourite festive fragrances, the Absolute Aromas Blend. Me-time magic! 

    3. Remember to breathe. 

    It has been said the most powerful tools for self-care are the ones that already exist within us, and breathing mindfully is the probably the most important to start with. As the Christmas pandemonium unfolds before us, our anxiety levels can increase leaving our nervous system in turmoil which in turn impacts our breathing. 

    A simple trick to counteract this from happening is as follows: Count the length of your in-breath and breathe out to twice the length (so in for three counts and out for six.) Repeat this process mindfully for three to four minutes and you will notice your breath naturally starts to shift from the chest to the stomach. 

    We also highly recommend L-Theanine & Lemon Balm if you are looking for extra help with anxiety levels. This supplement works quickly, within a single dose. Promotes relaxation and reduces feelings of stress. It may also improve focus and memory. Just one capsule morning and night. 

    A great one to try in times of stress!

    4. Take a break from the 24-hour news cycle 

    Addicted to checking the news or your phone? Logging off from social media and the 24/7 barrage of news can help ease anxiety and stress levels. While there is a lot of positive news and stories online, it's important to reduce your consumption of digital and social media and focus on other wholesome activities such as walks in nature, reading a book, practising yoga and meditation. A relaxing herbal tea with a heartwarming book cosied up on the couch is our favourite thing to do! We love to incorporate these activities into our routine during the festive period in order to feel more balanced and centred. 

    Another supplement we would recommend is Rhodiola, an adaptogenic herb that helps the body adapt to various stressors, whether they are physical, mental or environmental. A great antidote to the hectic pace of the Christmas period! 

    5. Set a budget and stick to it. 


    Budgeting is important all year round, especially around Christmas. We recommend making a list of what you need to buy and divide it into gifts, food, clothes and socialising. Suggest a Secret Santa or Kris Kringle for your groups of friends or family and agree to a budget. The best gifts aren’t necessarily the most expensive, so get creative and consider unique and personalised options.

    If you have any questions with regarding this blog or about any of our products, feel free to contact our team at Discount Health Store who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have! 

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