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The Blessed Seed Black Seed Oil 100ml

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Strong Black Seed Oil

This is an oil with the highest content of volatile oil. It is potentially 3-4 times stronger than the normal black seed oil sold by other companies. This oil is particularly useful for respiratory problems (asthma, colds, flu). This makes an even more pungent oil.

Pure Black seed oil may be useful as a healing remedy for almost every illness, it has no known side affects and has helped many people. The main power lies in its strengthening and rebalancing our all important immune system which is our body’s defense against illness.

Black Seed oil benefits in many ways and is safe enough to use as a household remedy for almost every ailment from stomach ache, insect stings, allergies, colds, flu, bruises, hair loss, lethargy etc.. (While black seed has been found safe to be taken with all other medicines it should only not be taken during pregnancy.)

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